Until now

This is how you know you’ve been in too many zoom/FaceTime/Skype/video conferencing calls! This is 100% based on a call I had today.
I am actually one of the few people that seems to enjoy zoom. It does get tiring after 4 or 5 zoom hours, but I’m a power nap person. If I get really tired mid-day, I just go sleep for 15 minutes, then I’m ready to go. POWER NAP!

A I’ve seen a lot of articles going around about zoom fatigue. People have theories as to why zoom (or your video conferencing solution of choice) suck. One thing that I’d add to the conversation is that zoom, which is my favourite and in my opinion the best and most natural feeling, STILL slows down the conversation. Like, literally. By 5%. I know this because I made a video with the screen cap video, and tried to sync it with video captured on other devices of the same conversation, and I couldn’t because the zoom call slows everything down. By 5%!

Zoom feels better then the others, but even so, the pace lags by 5%. Add to that the usual latency and interrupting and the odd “oh, your video cut out” and it gets difficult. But for me, the 5% slow down makes a lot of sense.

when I watch YouTube videos and lectures for my online classes, I watch them at 1.5x or 2x speed with the subtitles on. Generally, people talk really slow on video and it drives me nuts. So when a conversation is happening at 95% of its typical pace, man, that drives me nuts!