GoGo Weekly: June 20th, 2022

Welcome to another exciting edition of GoGo Weekly- this one written in INTERNET EXILE (because I accidentally scheduled our internet to turn off a few days early). All of my computers and whatnot are packed for our move, so I didn’t get to make an art video this week. With summer break upon us, I might take it easy on the art tutorial videos and just make Rob vs Rob videos, or maybe just make comics, or WHO KNOWS.

Because most of my stuff is packed (including the $2 plastic IKEA wedge I use to prop my tablet at an appropriate drawing angle) I didn’t get around to making that many comics this last week, and I probably won’t make any more for at LEAST a week, so maybe it’s a good time for an ARCHIVE DIVE!

Ahhh, what a strange selection. Have a good week! Hope to see yah back here in SEVEN DAYS (ish)