GoGo Weekly: Oct 2nd, 2022

This week was a fun Let’s Draw, cause we did LADYBUGS! Lady bugs are cute and interesting and (apparently) experiencing a population boom right now in my back yard, ’cause they’re everywhere. It’s been rad to see people draw along (skip to the end of the video if you wanna see the artwork of others!)

I made some comics this week, here they are:

It was an unfortunate happening- I spent all day walking around campus looking like I had some sort of urinary tract health problem.
On campus, I think there’s something like SIX Tim Hortons’. The experience varies wildly at each location. The one near the museum with dinosaur bones is the best one so far.
It’s just not a good idea to ask me questions before I’m done my morning coffee, okay? Unless you want really blunt answers.
Can you tell that my education on education is starting to feel a bit… silly? I really enjoy my studies, but I can’t help but think of how much unchecked optimism there is in some of the philosophy of teaching- well, the half of it that isn’t constantly preparing us for the worst and asking “You’re SURE you want to do this? You sure? It’s a great career, but i mean, you’re SURE?” It’s a bit of a mixed bag.

The last comic I made this week, I also made as a video comic. AND because I think it’s WAY funnier as a video comic, I’ll post it here as such:

You always find the funniest stuff scooting around campus! Alas, soon I’ll have to walk through snow, but for the time being I can just zip in and out of people’s conversations. Britt and Justeth, I’d say ‘sorry’ for eavesdropping, but I mean… maybe don’t talk so loud about private stuff as you’re walking around in public?

That was actually a pretty full week of comics and stuff… Not bad considering I also had a lot of work to do with papers and assignments! Could it be that I’m starting to settle into a student groove?

Thanks so much for reading my comics and watching my videos! See yah next week!