GoGo Weekly: DUCKS!

This week’s LET’S DRAW is DUCKS, by popular request (well, Donald Duck was the request!). Cute lil’ easy mode rubber ducky, and a hard mode that goes slightly off the rails but was still fun to do! Draw along and send me your art, I LOVE putting it in next week’s video!

I also made a video explaining how to fix quick-look on a mac. Quicklook is the feature on macOS where you hit the spacebar to view a file (could be a word doc, could be a video or an mp3) without having to actually open the associated program. For some reason, it screws up all the time and I used to think the only way you could fix it was rebooting the computer but THERE’S A BETTER WAY! And here it is:

If you don’t want to watch the video, here’s the quick version: Open ‘activity monitor’ search for instances of ‘quicklook’ double click on each instance, hit quit, and then force quit. Close them ALL! and once that’s done, it’ll work again.

I didn’t make ANY comics this week! OH THE HORROR! It’s paper writing time- and I’m a slow writer. Anyways, here’s probably my FAVOURITE Charlie and the Ghost continuity I’ve ever written: The ADVENTURES of FLYING RAT MAN! It’s a bit of a longer read so BUCKLE UP:

HA! Ahhhhh. From a reading perspective, I 1000% love when I do these little story lines. Bite sized and super fun! From a cartooning perspective, it can be pretty daunting. I tend to write one step at a time without any big game plan, which is fun because it’s a bit of a game- I write myself into corners and then try to write my way out. But it also means for pretty random stories. ha! Anyways, thanks so much for reading! We’ll see yah next week.

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Glad you liked it! I’m not sure if they’ll be more flying rat man, but there will for sure be more short comic stories. I want to write prose short stories too, but I like drawing too much so we’ll see if I can make that leap! haha

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