You Make Everything New

Benevolence is a snowfall
Fresh in the morning sun
Still and steady, cuddling the ground
Quiet and confident and crisp and clear
A billion prisms refracting red and orange and yellow and blue
A gradient wash mirrored on the horizon
Endless possibility

By noon, footprints
Tire treads
Pink salt, brown dirt
A slurry of muck and busyness
Paths cut into a mushy field
Crushed, slushed, squashed, pushed
Into piles, organized and managed, efficient and safe
A purpose driven life, a tale told by an idiot
Defined direction, sound and fury
Signifying: _______________

As sure as the sun goes down, eyelids close, breathing slows, minds
         wander, dreams come to life
And in the darkness, light
Moon dogs shimmer
Stars descend as specks of white
Priming the landscape for fresh paint

Another day, a new infinity
The sun rises