Creak Crack Hooooo

It was a couple Christmases ago that we had a CRAZY huge snowfall, and a really quick melt (which is common for this part of Canada). ANYWAYS, the morning the snow was melting at an alarming rate, it sounded like someone was on our roof as the massive snow bank melted and slid and creaked and made all kinds of crazy sounds. I actually checked our attic because I thought maybe a raccoon was in there or something and I didn’t want there to be a bunch of damage. It really freaked me out, but I imagined that a kid at Christmas who heard something on the roof would probably be STOKED! And so, my annual attempt at making a one frame cartoon. I hope you enjoy it!

Updates may be sporadic this week. I may upload the huge back-log of space chuck updates that have been slowly accumulating ( over the Christmas week. I’ve gotten really lazy with that. Anyways, I drew this while I was waiting for an appointment this morning, and Now that my brain is sufficiently rested, I should probably get back to work!

Animated Charlie!

I love dabbling in animation.  You can expect one of these from time to time! 😀


And, to celebrate Christmas, a very special Christmas Grape and square!  certainly, not a true story pulled from my childhood with the names changed to protect people’s identities.  Not at all.  Not even a little bit!

…OK, i MAY have done this as a kid.

I dreamed a dream in time gone by when hope was high and life worth living

2014-3-13incase you didn’t know, the title of this post is from “les mis”, one of my favourite songs in the whole musical that is depressing as anything!  it’s a very sad part.  I’m not personally sad, i just thought the title fit well with the comic.
I remember when I was about 19, me and my friends Andrew Kruger and Kurt Pearson were going to “Disney church” in Edmonton.  We called it Disney church because everything was shiny and intentional, produced for mass-market appeal to young adults, and the place was basically a meat-market of a thousand plus single attractive Albertans looking for their other half.  BUT!  it was a good time, the preacher was really more like a comedian, the band was amazing, who doesn’t want to hang out with a thousand attractive people, etc.  I remember very distinctly that every week, the theme of the whole service always boiled down to “If you believe, you will achieve your dreams.” and one weekend in particular, Kurt afterwards said “you know that’s crap, right?” and it was the first time in my life someone had told me that dreams can be unrealistic and unachievable.  In school, in the media, even at church, i had been spoon-fed this idea that “I can do anything!”.  Maybe it’s because my parent’s generation wasn’t allowed to dream, but it’s almost like my generation wasn’t allowed to be realistic (an exaggeration, but… is it?)

I could dedicate my life to being an Olympic level gymnast, but it is very unlikely that I personally will ever raise to that level.  There are aspirations within my grasp…  I wonder if those are the ones I am grasping after?

Not to be de-motivational or anything, i just think its better to be motivated to pursue things that are attainable and not some fluffy pipe-dream.  TIME TO RE-EVALUATE MY DREAMS!





They also say “the only winning move is not to play”, *cough cough WARGAMES cough cough*.  Actually, it makes sense that bitstrips is so popular.  They are more exciting than status updates to look at, and they are just as easy to make… in fact, they are fun to make, and not just easy to make.  -sigh- maybe this is the end for the hobby cartoonist!  SO LONG CRUEL WORLD!

…I’ll stop being so dramatic.  3rd panel charlie gives me shivers… the heebie-jeebies…..