Midgar, 500 years later

I’ve played final fantasy vii for YEARS. For about 20 years, actually. Yeesh!

I love this game so much. But I’ve never legitimately beat it. The furthest I’ve ever gotten on my own is to the last boss, but I could never beat it. Back in the PlayStation one days, that’s where the game shark would come in! I’ve bought it on PlayStation one (twice), PC (pre-steam), on the psp, ps3, ps4, iOS and Android, As well as the PlayStation classic. Then, a couple of weeks ago, I saw that they had a square soft sale on, and after the points I had saved up, I could get it on switch for like $5. The switch is the perfect video game console, and I wanted to try it out- I was itching for some neoclassic jRPG. It’s the best version by far! For some reason, It looks better then the iOS one, and the controllers (instead of using the screen) are Necessary for it to feel intuitive. Plus, they have a 3x speed feature, which is how I managed to beat it in under two weeks!

I guess that’s sort of cheating.

Standards change

I really want to make a short comic series about my space chuck people. For a year after I stopped making “charlie and the ghost” and before I started making go go Mach rocket sheep, I made Sci fi stories! You can read them at spacechuck.com if you want. I still have a few chapters left that I’ve never posted, come to think of it! I should probably get around to that sometime soon.

anyways, it was a useful shift for me creatively. I had gotten pretty tired of making gag-a-day charlie and the ghost comic strips. I was fresh out of ideas. Shifting to story telling was a lot of fun! But I much prefer working on a comic strip every day, and posting them regularly, then storing it all up and posting it at once. I could do the best of both worlds- slow day is a story I made one comic strip at a time (you can read that if you click the rob’s comics tab at the top of the site). Hmm! Maybe a series about our idiot chuck going on a date would be fun.


But for real, it’s the worst. None of the flavours individually actually taste like any of them would taste on their own. Plus, strawberry and vanilla make sense together. Vanilla and chocolate? Totally. That’s a frosty. But something unnatural happens when you put all three flavours together. It’s like, they make each other worse. It’s actually quite a feat, to wreck ice cream. Luckily the kids have horrible taste so it won’t go to waste.

Slow down, change!

Nobody was ready for this.

If I’ve learned anything in the last month, it’s that change can happen very fast and sometimes it leaves you flat on your face.

Stay at home

2000Ad released 400 pages of judge DREDD comics for free, and they are great! I love the art style, the episodic stories, the parody hard-baked in, it’s great.
with all this time confined at home, so far I’ve filled it with work. It’s amazing how much I can get done- but this presents a new challenge I’ve never really faced in my job before- I’m tired from tasks. As an introvert, typically the tasks of my job give me energy, but now there are so many of them (and every day adds to the list) that now, by the end of the day, I’m quite fatigued. I need to learn some new strategies to turn my head off when there is no physical distinction between work and home.
lucky for me, this seems to be pretty well documented, so i should probably spend some time reading up.

Easter, that is.

I love Soda water. Club soda. Sparkling water. Whatever it’s called! And I always feel smug when I’m drinking it, knowing that I get all the bite of an ice cold coke with none of the “needing to walk for half an hour to net zero calories”. …but eating half a bag of mini-eggs ain’t doing me any favours, especially being in social isolation, being mostly stuck at home!