The last dance: reflections

Just finished Netflix’s “the last dance” Michael Jordan bulls documentary series! So good, very entertaining watch. I think this may be my favourite way to watch sports- 20 years after the fact, with everybody old and chatty.

anyways, I was thinking this thought as we watched the episode when Diana asked me if I wanted an ice cream sandwich and I felt indecision. How ridiculous! So I made it into a comic.

With apologies to Bryce

I mean, I have nothing against Bryce, but Tom Everyman sure has a bone to pick.
For the sake of the comic, I just needed the name of a kid who probably got into a lot of trouble and probably didn’t get away with it a lot of the time. To me, that’s a Bryce for sure. To be fair, most of the Bryce’s that I’ve known have been perfectly respectable and upstanding citizens. I also happen to know that there are some kids names you don’t say around teachers on summer vacation, and there tends to be a lot of overlap between teachers.

Kids say the darndest things

The first Three panels are accurate. Experimenting with a new four panel format! It’s so popular these days.

Health conscious

This comic is based off of something we saw while driving around town. Can you name everything wrong with this comic? Haha.

Careful what you wish for

I was reading my daughter the incredibly long kids book version of the little mermaid. It doesn’t share any of the art from the movie, it all looks like rejected half finished footage. Anyways, this popped into my head and I thought it was funny, so here it is!

There’s no escaping it

I’ve been known to get half way down the block, turn the car around, rush home, open the door, check the stove aaaand of course I turned it off, but now I’m late. Safe and late.