Just dance 2020!

It’s true. You can be really into just dance and move around and make a fool of yourself (YouTube gold!) or, you can (like my brother) sit on the chair and absolutely dominate the score with some simple flicks of the wrist. That is because it only measures the accelerometer in the controller which is easy to fool. My favourite is how it lets you use your cellphone instead of the controller if you want, which just seems like a genuinely bad idea.


The mariokart paradox

My family got me mariokart for my birthday! Woot woot. Mariokart is one of the essential Nintendo games you gotta have on every system Nintendo releases, alongside whatever 2d Mario games they make, whatever 3D Mario games they make, all the zeldas, and the smash bro’s. If you’re lucky, there’s a star fox and an animal crossing in the mix as well. Some would argue for Mario party, but (and I can’t stress this enough) those people are wrong about most things and shouldn’t be trusted. They may even be criminals.

anyways, I love that mariokart on the switch has “auto steer” and “auto accelerate” for the kids who are just learning, so even if they are terrible (which they are, because they just learned how to walk in the last 4 years) they can still play and have fun.

I’ve loved, and played, every iteration of Mario kart there is (to be fair- I haven’t played the mobile one, but I’m sure it’s fine). This means I’m pretty good, which means when I get a power up that isn’t a banana or a green shell, it’s cause for celebration!



I am a late adopter of the Nintendo switch and now that I have one, it’s not a stretch to say it’s the perfect gaming console (for me, at this stage of life). Here’s why:

  1. It isn’t stuck to a tv. Sure, games look better in docked mode, but after the initial “wow that looks good” of a game, how a game feels to play is more important than how it looks (to me). The switch’s screen is sufficient for me, and it’s flexible for different postures and situations.
  2. It’s subtle. I can play a game quietly in the corner sitting in the family room and it doesn’t dominate the space, the kids can be watching a show or colouring at the table and it doesn’t override what they’re doing
  3. It’s private. I can play games with monsters in it, during the day time when my kids are in the room, and I don’t have to worry about them being frightened.
  4. Two controllers in one for family friendly games? Yeah that’s awesome!

I’ve had every version of the playstation since it’s inception. It used to be that portable gaming came with some costs involved gameplay wise, but What really sold me on the switch is some of my favourite ps1 and ps2 games being re-released, and looking better remastered, and being portable on the switch not in a way that diminishes it (for example, playing final fantasy on an ipad touchscreen) but in a way that improves the experience.

I could write about this for days, but I doubt it’s of interest! Here’s my point. Like games? Got a family? On the go? Get a switch!