2019- resolution reflections

I remember each of the days I missed with clarity. Here is an account of each of those days:

  1. I was running a tabletop rpg for my friends and we lost track of time and the day ended before I got my exercise in
  2. I was sick as a dog
  3. i forgot to wear my watch
  4. it was Christmas Eve, I was hanging out with family when I would normally get my last minute steps in

If there’s one thing I didn’t really do great at, it was getting my exercise in at a regular time. If I missed it during the day, I’d hop on the elliptical for half an hour right before bed (which I don’t think is great for your muscles? I seem to recall you build up lactic acid, or something, and that’s bad? I dunno. I do feel more healthy this year than I have in a long time.

as hinted at in the comic, I have to keep this up for sure- but it feels like cheating to say it’s next year’s resolution- it should really just be a part of life (and actually, when I was at my daughter’s school assembly, they are telling kids to get an hour of physical activity a day.) maybe that’s what I’ll do this next year. 30 mins was realistic, an hour would take some serious scheduling and a routine overhaul, but maybe?

I guess I have the rest of the day to figure out what my willpower can accomplish in this next year.

Going on four months

The scenario presented in today’s comic strip is ripped from the headlines of my life. I use my travel mug at the office, and I haven’t washed it since I got back to work in September. My theory is this: I only drink black coffee, I finish my one cup of black coffee every day (so it sits empty) and there’s no cream or liquid left to sit and fester in there. Also, I rinse it with boiling water before I put more coffee in it, so it’s not as bad as it sounds in the comic, right?

using a travel mug at the office has been a game changer for me. I am infamous for spilling anything on myself for no reason at all and it really cuts down on that. Also, I used to be horrible at leaving dirty mugs around my desk and now I only have one travel mug!

life hacks!

Whining about whiners

First order, you must, your house- if Desire fresh merchandise you do.

my favourite present I got this year for Christmas is the LEGO millennium flacon. It’s the one from solo, which is awesome for reasons I won’t get into here. My brother and I spent most of yesterday building it, and we’re almost done. Very fun

There was another release of the falcon from the new star wars movie this year, one of the few star wars ship toys that was “new”, but to be honest I didn’t want it because it didn’t look as fun and I have a theory as to why.
before solo, every Star Wars movie had a bunch of new toys (and for the sake of clarity, the only toys I care about are the ships). But, (and I’ll put my tinfoil hat on at this point), because people bickered so much about solo, they didn’t make any new ships or anything cool merch wise for the new movie because they are worried people won’t buy it.
But star wars is cool, and the ships are the best, and whatever.

Just dance 2020!

It’s true. You can be really into just dance and move around and make a fool of yourself (YouTube gold!) or, you can (like my brother) sit on the chair and absolutely dominate the score with some simple flicks of the wrist. That is because it only measures the accelerometer in the controller which is easy to fool. My favourite is how it lets you use your cellphone instead of the controller if you want, which just seems like a genuinely bad idea.

Christmas dinner

This comic brought to you by: the fact that I ate more in one meal than I normally do in two days. Merry Christmas!

Creak Crack Hooooo

It was a couple Christmases ago that we had a CRAZY huge snowfall, and a really quick melt (which is common for this part of Canada). ANYWAYS, the morning the snow was melting at an alarming rate, it sounded like someone was on our roof as the massive snow bank melted and slid and creaked and made all kinds of crazy sounds. I actually checked our attic because I thought maybe a raccoon was in there or something and I didn’t want there to be a bunch of damage. It really freaked me out, but I imagined that a kid at Christmas who heard something on the roof would probably be STOKED! And so, my annual attempt at making a one frame cartoon. I hope you enjoy it!

Updates may be sporadic this week. I may upload the huge back-log of space chuck updates that have been slowly accumulating (spacechuck.com) over the Christmas week. I’ve gotten really lazy with that. Anyways, I drew this while I was waiting for an appointment this morning, and Now that my brain is sufficiently rested, I should probably get back to work!

You can squeeze a week out of one of those bad boys

Seriously, if I happen to make tea for myself, and it’s a David’s tea teabag, I grab the biggest mug I have and I pour water in two or three times. Those things are like energizer bunnies, Because they eventually taste like batteries. No, because they keep going and going.

Tea! Yowzaz. but to be honest, I mostly drink coffee, like good honest workin’ folk. All these tea billionaires. They probably have their own toothbrush too! SNOBS!

so I learned that David’s tea is Canadian! Or, properly stylized, DAVIDsTEA. this week I also learned that Hilroy is Canadian as well. I think I make a lot of Canadian references unknowingly. To my readers across the globe what can I say but, sorry eh?