2019- resolution reflections

I remember each of the days I missed with clarity. Here is an account of each of those days:

  1. I was running a tabletop rpg for my friends and we lost track of time and the day ended before I got my exercise in
  2. I was sick as a dog
  3. i forgot to wear my watch
  4. it was Christmas Eve, I was hanging out with family when I would normally get my last minute steps in

If there’s one thing I didn’t really do great at, it was getting my exercise in at a regular time. If I missed it during the day, I’d hop on the elliptical for half an hour right before bed (which I don’t think is great for your muscles? I seem to recall you build up lactic acid, or something, and that’s bad? I dunno. I do feel more healthy this year than I have in a long time.

as hinted at in the comic, I have to keep this up for sure- but it feels like cheating to say it’s next year’s resolution- it should really just be a part of life (and actually, when I was at my daughter’s school assembly, they are telling kids to get an hour of physical activity a day.) maybe that’s what I’ll do this next year. 30 mins was realistic, an hour would take some serious scheduling and a routine overhaul, but maybe?

I guess I have the rest of the day to figure out what my willpower can accomplish in this next year.