every dog has it’s day

2014-5-30Don’t get me wrong, i’ve personally stood in-between a charging rottweiler and my little rat-dog!  Wise? probably not, but i just love my little rat-dog so!  …i fully understand that sometimes, the big dog just wants to devour the little guy…  But those experiences are few-and-far-between.  For the most part, my dog gets along well with other dogs.


grocery store antics

2014-5-29grocery stores are so boring, i’m surprised stuff like this doesn’t happen more often.

My biggest grocery store pet peeve is that Mr noodles and generic brand instant noodles are in the soup section, but itchiban and other actually good asian brands of instant noodles are in the international foods section.  I always seem to forget this fact in the heat of shopping for groceries and compromise on my instant noodle selection for inferior instant options.

In normal grocery stores like super store, it’s easier to remember… but in tack-on grocery stores, like walmart, where it seems their international section moves based on whatever stock they have, i can never find my Udon bowl!

Have a great thursday everyone!


the grass is always greener…

2014-5-28I don’t know what is going on in your life right now, but i can imagine that it is probably a mix of good things and not so good things!  things that you enjoy, and things you’d like to change.

We will always have things we’d like to change…  let’s take a minute to reflect on the things we are blessed with!

Because, even though the grass is greener, there is bear poop on the other side of the fence also.  AND, there are BEARS, by implication.



It’s harder than most people realize!



If you are a pharmacist, chances are you could be anything! you have skill, determination, academic ability, a photographic memory… But if you are a hype man, you’re pretty much only good at making other people look good, and there isn’t really much else you can do.

…i hope people get this comic, it really killed me on the drive home the other day.

…Well, aren’t you a treat.

2014-5-26This last weekend was VANCAF in Vancouver BC!  Good ol’ Vancouver Comic Arts Festival!  Let me tell you, as opposed to fan expo, this was EVERYTHING i hoped a comic convention would be.  There was a good mix of internet famous people, to not-famous-but-should-be, to “obviously applied for a table as a joke and haven’t even read an archie ever”.
Let me document my favourite famous-people encounters! 😀

I got to meet Kris Straub of Starslip, Broodhollow, Blamimations etc fame!  Super exciting for me, I really love his art style, and I especially love his writing.  I got to buy the Broodhollow book (i’ve been waiting to get the book to read it through, and now the wait is over!) and buy one of the Starslip patches which I thought was cool.  I was hoping he might have some starslip books, but I guess i’m a few years too late for that!  I made a complete idiot of myself, of course, when I introduced myself to him.  He said I looked familiar, I told him maybe he knew me in his dreams, which is a super awkward thing to say to ANYONE.  It’s a good thing my wife was standing beside me to laugh at my pitiful attempt at a joke.  ROB!  PLAY IT COOL, DANGIT.  …but I got to ask him some questions about what he’s using to make comics these days, so that was fun.

I also got to meet Jeph Jacques from QC, and buy one of his books.  I think I talked to him too early in the morning, or I dunno, i kinda felt like I was annoying the guy… But i mean, as I’ve already established, I don’t really do well with people i see as celebrities.  I started reading QC somewhere around comic #35, so i’ve been in there for the long-haul (i think he’s over 2500 now), and I was happy to finally pay the man something for my years of free-loading and enjoying his comic musings.

I also got to meet Sam Logan of Sam and Fuzzy fame!  The scope of Sam and Fuzzy has always been daunting…  But I got a sweet skull-panda mini-comic, and the guy is super friendly.

My favourite person I got to talk to was Colin Upton!  He’s a small-press guru, and he was my first introduction into the world of mini-comics!  It was great talking to him a bit.  He had like, a million mini-comics for sale.  If I had more money, I would have bought all his stuff.

Probably my FAVOURITE part of vancaf was that Diana could come with me!  Free admission!  She kept me in check, made sure I didn’t make a HUGE fool out of myself! 😀

The ONLY bad part of the whole experience was when a pushy girl sold me a couple of her graphic novels that I didn’t want.  It was one of those pushy-sales people experiences that left me so exhausted by the end of our 3 minute interaction that I basically was just like “OK, here’s $20, please give me your books and leave me alone.”  Actually, I tried to buy ONE graphic novel for $10, and when I gave her a twenty, she put it in her cash box and said she didn’t have change, and that I should get two books.  WHICH sucked, I didn’t really want to buy her stuff and it meant I couldn’t buy more of the other stuff I actually wanted, but it isn’t all that bad because it turns out that (while I think her writing sucks) her art is pretty good.  Whatever.  Live and learn…

“shout no, like you mean it!  SHOUT NO and run away!  Don’t get in that van or car, it’s dangerous!  and it’s WRONG!”

(that was a song on a PSA when I was a kid.)

Anyway, I really would like to be at the next Vancaf at a table!  I’m going to apply to get a table for sure next year!


…i was expecting a better reaction.

2014-5-23Ah, we’ve all been there.  Sometimes, jokes fall flat.  That’s just a joke-ster’s occupational hazard.  Have a great weekend everyone!




Gingko’s is my FAVOURITE likely-inauthentic-but-still-delicious Chinese food restaurant in Chilliwack, which is where I live!  There are 3 locations for convenience’s sake!  and every item on the menu costs the same low-low price!  I seriously can’t get enough of it.


at one of the locations, they have a fish infestation.  The worst part is the fish tanks/fish tank smells are everywhere, but a big fish tank is right by the door, and when you walk in, the fish get startled and swim away really quickly, which makes a disgusting splashing fish sound.  -bloop- is the word i choose to describe it.  it sends shivers down my spine just thinking about it!

This doesn’t have to be a problem as I don’t have to go to this particular location, but the 3 locations each close on a different day of the week, and the one that is closest to me (and somewhat fish-free)  is usually closed when I want Chinese food… which means I can either drive 15 minutes to fish location, or 30 minutes to the other fish-free option.  I’m cheap, which is why I eat there to begin with, so it’s unlikely i’ll spend the gas money.

Anyway!  Have a great day everyone!  Eat some Ginkgo’s!